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A Collaborative Approach to C-Section Recovery

Updated: Apr 9

Hello, soon-to-be or new mom! If you're reading this, you're likely preparing for or have recently had a cesarean section. I'm Callie, or Coach Calz, your cesarean birth recovery coach, and I'm here to make your recovery process less overwhelming and more empowering. As a three-time cesarean mom, I understand the physical challenges, the emotional ups and downs, and the desire for strength and confidence in your postpartum body.

C-section recovery
Coah Calz- KMP Studio

But here's the good news: with the right guidance and evidence-based strategies, you can become stronger than ever. That's where I come in. My approach, which combines my personal experience and formal training, is designed to meet you where you are—physically, emotionally, and mentally. I aim to help you feel strong and confident in your postpartum body.

C-section Recovery
Coach Calz - In the lab

Whether you're planning your cesarean birth experience, in the early stages of recovery, or seeking guidance months after surgery, I'm here to support you every step of the way. So, how do I work with Mitsuzi to support you? Let’s get into it now.

C-Section Anatomy

Understanding your body and the recovery process is essential. I'm passionate about providing mothers with the right information. Have you ever wondered about what happens to your abdominal wall during cesarean surgery? Let's dive into the anatomy together, enabling you to make informed decisions and approach your recovery confidently. We'll discuss the healing timeline, set realistic expectations, and celebrate small victories at each stage. We'll also touch on lifestyle factors like nutrition, stress management, and posture, which can support your overall well-being.

C-section Recovery
Coach Calz - Kinesiologist, Registered Nurse, and Lifestyle Coach for new moms

Houston Doula
A Doula can support you during a c-section!

C- Section Rehab + Recovery

During our consultation, we'll focus on movement and rehabilitation exercises tailored to your needs as a cesarean birth mother. Managing scar tissue, strengthening core muscles, and supporting overall physical healing form part of personalized movement programs I design for my clients. This approach helps you regain strength and mobility safely.

Mitsuzi and I aim to provide comprehensive care that addresses every aspect of your journey, from prenatal education and birth preparation to postpartum recovery. Together, we aim to make you feel supported, empowered, and confident on this beautiful and complex journey of motherhood.

Houston Doula

Remember, you are stronger than you know, and you're not alone. Whether you're in the midst of your c-section recovery or preparing for one, know that a team of dedicated professionals stands ready to support you. Trust yourself, take a deep breath - you've got this, and we've got your back.

Houston Doula
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