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Many soon-to-be moms experience a plethora of emotions after discovering they’re pregnant. From initial excitement to fear about labor, delivery, and the life journey of being a parent. But what if you could find a way to calm your mind and spirit and enjoy the experience? That's why you'll love our inspirational Expectant Mom Affirmation Card.
The deck includes 25 colorful cards that will deliver comfort, uplift and empower you along your pregnancy journey. Each card features a colorful image bedecked with an encouraging affirmation to serve as a daily reminder that your pregnancy is an amazing blessing.

How to use:
- Choose a unique card every day and place it in an area where it will be visible throughout the day. 
- Use as a journal prompt.
- Make a wall collage.
- Gift this set to an expecting family in your life to inspire and motivate them. 

Card details
-Includes 25 cards with a decorative pouch
-Measurement 4x4

Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

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