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C-Section Reinvention: Mastering Confident Client Care


Join us for an empowering workshop designed for doulas seeking to provide exceptional care for clients undergoing C-sections.


Whether you're new to the doula world or looking to enhance your expertise, this event is tailored to elevate your skills and confidence in supporting C-section clients.


Workshop Objectives:


  • Understand the unique needs and challenges of c-section moms during birth and recovery.
  • Learn effective strategies for preparing clients for their cesarean birth and recovery.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your value to potential clients and establish clear expectations for the doula-client relationship.
  • Explore how to structure your doula business to accommodate the needs of c-section clients, including scheduling and service offerings.
  • Gain insights into pricing strategies and marketing techniques tailored specifically to doula services for c-section births.
  • Learn why it's important to collaborate with professionals, like c-section recovery coaches, to give moms the best care possible.

Reinventing C-section Support : Mastering Confident Client Care

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