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Houston Birth and postpartum doula

Feeling overwhelmed with childbirth worries? Don't get lost in the chaos.

I'm your Doula, here to kick that anxiety to the curb and boost your birth confidence.

It's all about a personalized approach that fits your unique journey. Ready to elevate your birthing experience?

Click the link and let's connect! 

Expecting Couple

Get ready to work through your rough emotions, releasing them, and paving the way for positivity. 

Ready To Elevate Your Birthing Experience?

Three ways you can get started today...


Get set for a birth where you can proudly say, "Yep, I totally owned that birth!" 🙌


let's set the tone for birth journey. Say bye-bye to fear and anxiety, and hello to unshakable confidence! 💪


Let's talk real talk: Learn the secrets to dodging burnout, becoming a top-notch patient advocate, and handling those tricky providers like a pro. 😎

Doula Pearland TX


Our experience with Mit was a perfect one...despite the challenge of distance...her experience helped my wife a great deal.

What Clients are saying

Doula Pearland TX


Birthing Noire was one of the best decisions I made... I wouldn't have made it through my pregnancy without the mindfulness program.

Doula Pearland TX


Great with the information... is always there when you need her. She told my wife to contact her on many occasions whenever she needed any questions answered.


Mitsuzi was a wonderful birthing companion. I found her on social media as I am new to Houston still and was preparing to have my baby. I could not have asked for a better doula. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and organized and was there for the birth of my baby. She was a great resource to have in the hospital birth setting and was very supportive of me, my family, and my birth plan. She advocated for me and physically and mentally helped carry me through my labor and delivery.


I highly recommend Birthing Noire Doula services to families based on my own experience. Mitsuzi is very professional in the delivery of her services. She is helped me during my pregnancy and delivery by providing detailed information about the birthing process, exercises and breathing techniques to deal with labor pains, virtual and in person meeting sessions as needed. Her experience as a labor and delivery also makes her a great advocate for the mother at the hospital to ensure that the birthing experience is according to the family’s birthing plan. 


Mitsuzi! WOW! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find words to express how grateful and amazing the experience of having you by my side was. From our initial call the bond we created is unbreakable! I will forever be thankful for you, your knowledge, your positivity, and how caring you are and we’re through my entire pregnancy. Words don’t do justice for what you have done for me through this special time! A Nurse, an extraordinary Doula, a forever friend! God sent to our family! 💙

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