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Comprehensive Fetal Monitoring Course

Are you a birthworker who feels helpless when it comes to understanding fetal monitoring?


Have you been at births that ended in a cesarean because of what the OB saw on the fetal monitor, leaving you feeling powerless?


Don’t worry, I can help you. My course will break down complex terms and teach you to read fetal monitoring strips, so you can support your clients with confidence and expertise.

If You are a Birthworker You Probably Already Know...

The cesarean rate is higher today based on fetal monitoring.

Fetal monitoring often doesn’t actually improve outcomes.

Most doula training programs don’t teach how to interpret fetal strips.

This course isn’t just for birth workers who assist in hospital births!

Whether you primarily support hospital births, out-of-hospital births, or are a pregnant mom planning your birth—this knowledge is crucial. 

Whether you primarily support hospital births, out-of-hospital births, or are a pregnant mom planning your birth—this knowledge is crucial. 

Even if you’re planning a home birth, it’s essential to be prepared for any scenario. 

Let me help you become the best advocate!

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What's Included?

Introduction to Fetal Monitoring

Welcome to my comprehensive course on fetal monitoring. This course is designed for birth workers and parents. My goal is to provide you with a solid foundation in understanding fetal heart rate (FHR) strips, identifying normal and abnormal patterns, and knowing the appropriate interventions.

Understanding and Intervening in FHR Patterns

Dive deep into the world of fetal monitoring as we explore the basics of FHR strips.

  • Definitions of terms used in fetal monitoring according to NICHD.

  • Distinctions between normal and abnormal FHR patterns.

  • You will learn not only how to interpret these patterns but also the best practices for responding to them to ensure the safety and well-being of both the mother and baby.

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Types of Fetal Monitors and Case Studies

This course also covers the different types of fetal monitors, including external and internal monitors, their uses, benefits, and limitations.


Through real-life scenarios and group discussions, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and problem-solving skills in a collaborative environment.

By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of fetal monitoring and be equipped with the tools needed to make informed decisions in a clinical setting.

Course Details:


  • August 4th at 1:00 PM


  • The course will be recorded. If you can't join us live, the replay will be available for two weeks.

  • A workbook will be provided to follow along with the course.

Join me and enhance your learning experience!

Your Instructor

Mitsuzi Green, Founder Birthing Noire Doula Services, BSN, RNc-EFM, MSN, CD

I am a passionate Nurse and Doula on a mission to unite patients, support persons, and medical personnel through education and support.


My vision is to foster a collaborative and nurturing environment where everyone involved in the birth journey feels empowered and informed. Together, we can create a seamless and supportive experience for all.

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