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"That fear be talking sometimes!"

You're all about that beautiful, chill birth vibe... but dang, all those stories you've heard got you side-eyeing if it's really doable.

Well, let me spill the tea—you can face those fears, anxiety, and doubts you've got about birthing the way you want.

You can kick 'em to the curb for good and take back that control!

birth class
birth class

You're in the right place if...

You're all about birthing with a bold, fearless vibe, in a calm and safe space. But, your mind's on a loop, pondering:

How can I make this happen?

🚩My mom, and honestly my whole fam, "they" had some tough birth stories.

🚩The internet's full of scary birth stories, right?

🚩My doc's saying my way isn't a cakewalk, making me second guess.

🚩You're afraid of that epidural, yet uncertain about other pain-relief options and if they'll really ease the .

🚩You're just worried about making the right call for you and your precious one.

Picture This!

You, stepping into birth with boldness and fearlessness, cocooned in a cozy, secure bubble of support and ease. You've got this—let me break it down for you:"

✅  You've got a plan, a strategy uniquely tailored to your desires and needs.

✅ You get to define your own experience; being the boss of your empowering narrative, painting it bright and beautiful.

✅ You look back on your birth with a story of triumph, joy, and a powerful connection with your baby.


✅ You no longer fear an epidural. You're exploring alternative paths to pain relief, finding what works best for you.

And top of this...

You're calling the shots with confidence, keeping your well-being and your little bundle of joy front and center.

You're a powerhouse, mama. This journey is all about you—bold, fearless, and oh-so-beautiful.

At the end, you'll be beaming with that 'I did it my way' confidence, shining bright and proud from birthing in your unique, empowered style.

birth class

You are invited to join
The Train Your Mind For Birth Program!

Pearland Doula

I'm here to guide you through tackling those fears, anxieties, and doubts about birthing your way. Together, we're gonna show them the exit and reclaim that control.


A Transformative Seven-Week 1:1 Virtual Program for You and Your Partner. Unlock the Framework for a Fearless and Fabulous Birth Experience."

This is the only program of it's kind where you will learn...

Confidence in Birth Choices

Get the confidence to call the shots and make smart, kick-butt choices during your birth.

Calm and Fearless Mindset

Learn to keep it chill and fierce in your mind, so when labor rolls in, you're rocking that tranquil strength like a boss.

Stronger Partner Support

Boost your teamwork game with your partner, learning how to tackle this birthing adventure as an unstoppable duo.

Deeper Connection With Baby

Nurture that super special bond with your little one from bump to birth, creating a beautiful understanding and closeness that lasts a lifetime.

 "...I encourage all women, especially black women, to invest in these services..."

“...This way I wouldn’t be taken advantage of; Especially being a black woman. We all know the statistics.

With all the knowledge and practices over the weeks, I pushed for 5 minutes. 5 minutes! 

 I encourage all women, especially black women, to invest in these services. The Birthing Noire services. I found that mindfulness, being aware truly helped my pregnancy be a smooth one…”

-Kerida Stweart

"...I use my mindful techniques even now one year later..."

 “ I remember our sessions. I don’t think I will ever forget it. I use my mindful techniques even now one year later when life is kicking me in the butt”

-Jessica Okafor

With This Program, Here's What's Coming Your Way:

🚀 Seven weeks of 1:1 expert coaching

🧘 Framework to tackle fears, anxiety, doubts, and pain head-on.

🌟 Tools to build a kick-butt, positive birth mindset through mindfulness and meditation.

🤰 Insight into the birthing process from a mindful perspective.

🤝 Equipping your partner to be fully in the moment and have your back during labor.

PLUS these free bonuses!!


🌟Comprehensive workbook

🌟Weekly homework for building mindful practices.

🌟Guided meditations (Audio Only) for Relaxation.

🌟Digital affirmations to keep you inspired.

🌟Tailored yoga sequences for effective birth prep.

🌟Proven pain coping exercises to navigate the birth journey successfully.

...helped me shift how to be intentional with mindset and how to advocate for myself...

Pearland Doula

Let's Break it Down!

Pillar One:

Starting strong with mindfulness! Here's what we'll be diving into:

  • Making mindfulness your daily buddy, integrating it seamlessly into your life.

  • Exploring 'mindfulness': what it truly means and why it's a game-changer.

  • Practical exercises like Grounding and Body Scan for being present and centered.

  • Mastering mindful breathing: staying in the here and now, no more drifting thoughts.

  • '2 feet, 1 breath' and '3Ps: Pause-Present-Proceed': tools to level up your mindfulness game.

  • Embracing the power of now: hitting that 'refresh' button with the present moment.

birth class
pearland Doula

Pillar Two:
Anxiety, Fear, Doubt, Pain.

Let's face the tough stuff head-on. In this segment, we'll:

  • Understand how our experiences shape our perspective on life.

  • Embrace every experience, finding balance and contentment within.

  • Tackle stress and pain during childbirth by being open and accepting.

  • Incorporate loving-kindness into your movements for a serene journey.

  • Explore the spectrum of experiences: unpleasant, neutral, and pleasant.

  • Break down the resistance: discover how acceptance reduces suffering.

Pillar Three:
Mindful Labor Process

Time to unveil the secrets of labor with a mindful lens:

  • Uncover the natural origins of birth within your body.

  • Ride the hormonal roller coaster that propels the birthing journey.

  • Equip yourself with strategies for every contraction, embracing them mindfully.

  • Discover the transformative power of vocalization during childbirth.

  • Tune in to your body's natural signals, preparing for the remarkable journey of birth

pearland Doula
birth class

Pillar Four:
Mindful Movement and Partner Support

Let's gear up for preparing our bodies and rallying partner support:

  • Get acquainted with the pelvis's crucial role in shaping your birthing experience.

  • Explore baby's positioning and sync movements for optimal labor readiness.

  • Target specific muscles during pregnancy, physically preparing for the birthing day.

  • Partners join the action, equipped with skills to be your unwavering support.

  • Learn to advocate for your vision, ensuring your birth experience remains at the heart of care.

Here is how Tiffany decided when to get an epidural....

Pearland Doula

If you're thinking:

'I'm not afraid of birth; this course isn't for me.'

'I trust my provider to guide my decisions, so this isn't necessary.'

'My partner won't commit to a seven-week course on birth.'

Here's the real deal:

🌟Chances are, you might not have delved deep into your birth feelings yet. Trust me, everyone harbors some form of concern or fear.

🌟Your provider, no matter how great, shouldn't be the ultimate decision-maker. This journey is about you, your body, and claiming responsibility. You are the captain of this ship—your birth, your choices, your empowerment, your baby.

🌟Partners are often eager to join in and be part of the planning and birthing process. Believe me, your partner is excited to learn and get hands-on with birth prep—this isn't just your journey; it's a team effort.

Even the woman with all the confidence in the world, this program will make her birth 10X better!!

Hey there! I'm Mitsuzi, a former labor and delivery RN turned Doula, and i'm all about that mindfulness life.

Seriously, it's my jam. Whether I'm bonding with my son, having a laugh with my husband, or dealing with life's curveballs, mindfulness keeps me grounded. No sugar-coating, just the real deal.

Back in my nursing days, I saw many amazing women come into their birthing experience armed with detailed plans and all the physical prep you could imagine. But guess what? Despite all that prep, some walked away feeling like something was missing.

Here's whats up! The letdown usually happened because they weren't mentally prepared and didn't have the right tools to vibe with their bodies and ride the contraction waves. Plus, clinging too hard to a specific birthing outcome didn't help either.

So, why am I here talking to you? Because I've created this course just for you. It's like a mind gym for your birthing journey. I'm here to guide you, help you stay present, and show you how to roll with birth without being too stuck on a game plan. Let's do this!"

pearlnad doula

Sick of hearing everyone else's birth stories?

Ready to write your own?

You're in the right place!

I’m giving all the tools you will need.

Join Today and Start Your Journey Towards a Confident, Fearless and Fabulous Birth!

Best Value 

One Time Payment



Pay in full and get an extra 30mins session with me to plan your postpartum journey.

Lowest Payments

10 Weekly Payments



Pay in full and get an extra 30mins session with me to plan your postpartum journey.

"...a million questions and heightened anxiety..."

I got in touch with Mit with a million questions and heightened anxiety. She offers mindfulness practices that really help relieve anxiety around the entire process of pregnancy and labor… I wouldn't have felt so  confident if I didn't meet her and work with her… MIT OFFERS A MUST HAVE SERVICE… I used the techniques she provided me and they worked. I am forever grateful.

Milly- Ann Clerville


What past clients are saying on TikTok...

This Offer Is For You if... 

✅ You want to break free from the grip of others' birth stories: tired of being influenced by everyone else's stories? Ready to write your own story of a fearless and fabulous birth? Then this program is your go-to.

✅ You seek a holistic approach to birth preparation: if you're looking for more than just physical prep, if you want to enrich your birthing journey mentally and emotionally, this program is your holistic haven.

✅ You desire a strong and supportive partnership during birth: if you want your partner to be a true birthing companion, understanding and supporting you every step of the way, this program is your ticket to building that partnership.

✅ You are open to letting go of rigid expectations and embracing the unknown: if you're willing to surrender to the unpredictable beauty of childbirth and let go of preconceived notions, this program will prepare you to embrace the unknown with confidence.

This Offer Is NOT For You if... 

 ❌  You're content with a fear-driven birthing experience: if you prefer letting fear drive your birthing journey rather than embracing a mindful and fearless approach, then this program may not suit your preferences.

 ❌  You don't believe in the mind-body connection: if you don't believe that a calm mind can positively impact the birthing process, then this program may not resonate with your perspective.

 ❌ You're content with being a passive observer in your birthing experience: if you're satisfied with not actively participating and advocating for your birthing desires, then this program may not align with your aspirations for a more empowered birth.

 ❌ You don't value personalized, expert guidance: if you'd rather navigate this transformative journey without the guidance of an experienced professional, then this program may not align with your preferences.

Let's Recap

Here is what you will be getting when you join the program!

🚀 7-Week 1:1 Coaching Journey!

🧘 Acquire a Toolkit to Tackle Anxiety, Fears, and Doubts Head-On!

🌟 Develop a Positive Birth Mindset with Mindfulness and Meditation Strategies!

🤰 Gain Insights into the Birthing Process through a Mindful Lens!

🤝 Equip Your Birth Partner to Stay Present and Support You During Labor!

Bonus Resources

🌟Comprehensive Workbook

🌟Weekly Homework for Building Mindful Practices.

🌟Guided Meditations (Audio Only) for Relaxation.

🌟Digital Affirmations to Keep You Inspired.

🌟Tailored Yoga Sequences for Effective Birth Prep.

🌟Proven Pain Coping Exercises to Navigate the Birth Journey Successfully.


  • How does SneekPeek work?
    SneakPeek utilizes the natural process of shared fetal DNA circulating inside the mother’s bloodstream. Our PCR technology has the ability to detect the presence or absence of male Y chromosome in the blood sample provided starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy. If it is detected then the baby’s gender is male and if it is not detected then the baby’s gender is female.
  • What is SneakPeek?
    SneakPeek Clinical is an early gender DNA detection test offered to women starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy. The genetic test gives you the first step to connect with your baby before you are able to see the exciting clear images from your ultrasound scans. Our on-site phlebotomist that draws a blood sample and then returns the sample to SneakPeek Labs for processing. The laboratories offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry, with a choice of receiving your result the same day the sample reaches the SneakPeek Lab.
  • Do I need proof that I am seeing a doctor for the SneakPeek Clinical test?
    No. Our SneakPeek Clinical DNA gender reveal test is the only service that we provide that does not require you to be under a doctors care, a doctors note or proof of prenatal care.
  • How does SneakPeek® Clinical differ from home tests?
    Sneak Peek Clinical has no risk of contamination as home tests do. The blood test sample is never exposed to outside elements like the finger prick method. It is taken by a licensed Registered Nurse in a sterile setting. With Clinical, we take care of everything for you. No watching the mailbox or running to the post office. We have everything here and we will overnight your sample for you

You Deserve To Birth On Your Terms!

🌟 Still Unsure About Your Birth Journey? Let's Connect! 🌟

Your dream birth is within reach, and I'm here to guide you. If questions linger, if uncertainty clouds your path, let's have a conversation.

Book a chat with me, and let's map out how this program can empower you to embrace birth with confidence and joy. Your journey to a fearless and fabulous birth starts here. Take that first step—schedule your FREE chat now! 💫🎉

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