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The Clerville's Story

Pearland Doula

Over the years, I have had increasing anxiety surrounding the idea of giving birth and infant mortality. So, I knew I wanted to work with a Doula when I got pregnant. 


My Doula was referred to me by my God-sister who knows the Stewart’s, former clients of Mitsuzi. When Mitsuzi and I had our consultation call to discuss what the Mindfulness Program would entail, I felt that she was the right one for us. She was attentive and made me feel supported from the beginning. I did not know if I would be able to financially afford this Doula service but with the payment plan, it was very affordable and worth every dime. 


The 7-week Mindfulness Program consisted of weekly video calls, daily text message correspondences, affirmations, homework, and dedication! With Mitsuzi’s experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse, she has a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer any question I had. The mindfulness practices and yoga exercises she provided were very helpful in preparation for my birthing experience. She sent affirmations almost every day and they proved to be extremely helpful especially since my case took an unexpected turn. 


As we prepared for vaginal birth, at week five of the program I had to schedule a C-section because my baby’s position was breach at 36 weeks and my OB did not want to risk delivering the baby that way. As a result, Mitsuzi switched up the following session to emotionally and physically prepare my husband and me for what to expect during and after having a C-section. Because having a C-section was not preferred, I became increasingly worried and saddened by the reality. She picked up on my worry; she was supportive and worked with my husband on how to support me during the process. She called, sent text messages checking up on me, she sent affirmations daily; her actions really helped comfort me during that time. 


Luckily, my baby turned around before the scheduled C-section and it was canceled however, my OB/GYN did inform me that I had a narrow pelvic floor and if it was difficult for the baby to come out vaginally, I would have to undergo a C-section, so I was at risk of having a C-section at any moment. Having that session with Mitsuzi regarding what to expect if I had a C-section was so essential because though I was planning for a vaginal birth anything could have happened that would have required me to have a C-section and I felt prepared the entire time. 


During labor, Mitsuzi was in constant communication with my husband reminding him of how to be supportive to me during contractions and when I was in the process of pushing. As I was pushing he even began saying affirmations in my ear to encourage me. Being coached by Mitsuzi allowed him to be a great coach to me during the process. Periodically, she spoke to me as well; she was available to us the entire time. She even helped me make the final decision on whether to get the epidural or not by providing facts on the topic, all of which were already discussed during the 7-weeks, but she was patient and willing to repeat herself just to ease my concerns. 


What I love the most about Mitsuzi is that she never offered her own judgment, she offered concrete information and allowed me to make decisions that were right for me. She was encouraging, flexible, and she tailored the 7-week program to my specific needs. I delivered baby Antoine vaginally on July 30, 2021, 7lbs 7oz and I could not have walked away with a better experience, I owe it all to Mitsuzi. My MANY fears were put to rest very early on and that played a major part in this pleasurable birthing experience. Overall, I felt seen, heard, valued, and supported by my Doula the entire 7-weeks and that was a big deal for me. 


I recommend Mitsuzi for all expecting moms because the knowledge gained from this program is so essential in preparing you for the birthing process. She also has a wonderful personality and really personalizes the sessions to your needs.

The Richardson's Story 

Pearland Doula

Pregnancy during a pandemic can be scary and isolating, especially for a first-time mom. As a yoga instructor, I knew that I wanted to incorporate mindfulness into my pregnancy and birthing plan. I also knew that google wasn’t the best resource to find the answers to my questions, but I did not know where else to go. That’s when a friend referred Birthing Noire and I instantly signed up for the Mindful Birth Program! 


The Mindful Birth Program exceeded my expectations. Mitsuzi was very attentive and helpful, even through our video sessions and text messages.


We met weekly, via video call, for 7 weeks starting at the third trimester. Each day, Mitsuzi sent a text message checked in on me and sent an affirmation or encouraging thought. I appreciated our daily check-ins immensely. The tail-end of my pregnancy was filled with unexpected events. At 33 weeks, I was informed I had developed gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension, which led to an induction at 37 weeks. Since things changed so fast, it was very easy to spiral into the “what-if’s”, but Mitsuzi tailored her support to fit my individual needs. She shared resources with me and made sure that I was well-informed, while also helping me stay grounded in mindfulness. 


My husband participated in the final 3 sessions. Mitsuzi shared strategies for how my husband could support me during labor. She helped us develop a birth plan that helped us both prioritize mindfulness. We felt confident and prepared when my husband and I went to the hospital, even in the unpredictable moments of the induction and labor process. In my 4-day induction journey, I remained in control of my labor. I did not yield to the pressure of doing something I was uncomfortable with just because the nurse or midwife recommended it. I felt empowered with each decision that I made. I used all of the strategies from the Mindful Birth Program. When it was time to push, it only took 7 pushes for our baby boy to arrive. 


As I reflect on the weeks leading up to the birth of our baby, there were so many moments that I could have easily felt defeated. I can not imagine what I would have done without Mitsuzi’s support. I sincerely recommend her Mindful Birth Program or any of her services.

The Stewart's Story 

Pearland Doula

When I found out I was pregnant, I was elated! But soon after I became very lonely and afraid in my pregnancy. I knew I needed support, but didn’t know where to turn, that’s until I came across the birthingnoire’s  page via Instagram. 

After reaching out, I found that her services were exactly what I was looking for and that her fees were reasonable. 

At 22 weeks weeks we began the journey. What I got from having a doula as support was the mental preparation for what was to come. She shared daily, affirmations which reminded me that I could truly manage my pregnancy and that I am strong enough to do so. She also prepared me for labor and delivery with breathing techniques, positions and tactics to help get through it. 

She was also ALWAYS available. I mean ALWAYS a phone call, FaceTime or text away for whatever questions or needs you may have during the time. FULLY THERE FOR SUPPORT.  She also helped with my birth plan and the understanding of procedures that may/can occur allowing me to be well informed and educated. This way I wouldn’t be taken advantage of; Especially being a black woman. We all know the statistics.

With all the knowledge and practices over the weeks, I pushed for 5 minutes. 5 minutes! 

 I encourage all women, especially black women, to invest in these services. The Birthing Noire services. I found that mindfulness, being aware truly helped my pregnancy be a smooth one and I couldn’t have done it without her.  Thank you!

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