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You receive a lot of advice when you become pregnant. You should do this. Don’t do that. Let me tell you that you 100% should hire a doula. And that doula should be Mitsuzi. My husband keeps telling people that hiring Mitsuzi was the best money he has ever spent.
Mitsuzi is genuine, warm, and caring. She has such good energy! Through her coaching, I was able to birth bravely. I wholeheartedly believe that without Mitsuzi, my birth story would’ve been completely different. I was able to walk away from my birth feeling confident and empowered.
Do yourself a favor and hire Mitsuzi at the beginning of your pregnancy. Let her walk the journey alongside you. She will support you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically in more ways than you can imagine.
Words fall short in expressing my gratitude to Mitsuzi for helping to facilitate such a beautiful birth story for me

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