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birth class Houston

Birth Workshop
Skip the lengthy two-day birth classes! If you're seeking a short, concise, and informative birth prep  experience that equips you and your partner with all the essential knowledge you need for a successful birth, look no further than our Monthly Workshop.

Monthly Workshop in Houston TX
Next Workshop December 9, 2023

Here is what you and your partner will gain 

More Calm and Good Vibes


Pregnancy can be nerve racking…


Discover meditation techniques that will bring peace to your pregnancy and help  you get over your pregnancy anxiety.

Partner Support Skills


Not sure how if your partner has all the skills to support you during labor? 


Bring them to our workshop so they can learn techniques to be your number one cheerleader.

Body Prep


You see all these exercises on the internet and you're not sure what you should actually be doing?


Come to our workshop so that we can get you moving in ways that actually help.

In-Person sessions

Join us  for an immersive in-person experience.


Connect with other expectant parents and receive hands-on guidance from experienced instructors.

Here is why you should this workshop

Cost $50 per couple

How to Register

Follow these simple steps to register

  • Click the "Register Now" button below.

  • Fill in the required information and choose your preferred session date.

  • Complete the payment process.


"I recently participated in the September birth workshop at 18 weeks pregnant. It was a great opportunity for me to get ahead start onn tools and techniques that i started using immediately. It also gave me time to prepare and practicce the ones I currently use later in my pregnancy. My husband attended the workshop with me and we both walked away feeling well informed and empowered. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone seeking support on their birthing journey!"


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