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Montrice Service
If you want to labor at home with a nurse by your side... this is for you!! 

Montrice Services Houston

Are you on the journey to welcoming a new life into this world? At Birthing Noire, I understand the importance of making the birth experience as comfortable and empowering as possible.

That's why I am  thrilled to offer our Montrice services to
expectant parents who desire to labor in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible before transitioning to a birth center or hospital.

But what exactly is a Montrice, and how does it differ from a traditional doula role?

I am here to answer all your questions and introduce you to the incredible benefits Montrice services bring to your childbirth journey.

Who Can Benefit from Montrice services?


VBAC Seekers

If you desire a vaginal birth after a cesarean section and wish to labor at home for as long as possible, our Montrice services are the perfect choice.


First Time Mothers

If you're new to the birthing process and want personalized support, our Montrice services can be a game-changer.



If you desire to labor at home for as long as possible, but you're nervous about when to  transition to the hospital or birthing center? Then this is the service for you.

Houston Montrice

Your Montrice

Hi I am Mitsuzi. I am a Registered Nurse with the skills and expertise to perform essential clinical assessments, which provide valuable information for you to make informed decisions about your health and birth experience.

Montrice Package


Three in person visits.

  • Build your birth plan.

  • Learn relaxation techniques, comfort positions, and holistic remedies for comfort.

  • Basic overview of childbirth and the postpartum period.

During labor:

Cervical Exams: I can assess dilation of the cervix upon your request, giving you a clearer understanding of your progress.

Maternal Vital Signs: Monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate ensures your well-being throughout the process.


Fetal Heart Monitoring: I utilize a doppler to keep tabs on your baby's position and heart rate, providing vital insights into their well-being.


Four postpartum visits.

Montrice Pearland
Houston Montrice

About Montrice Services

As a crucial distinction, Montrice services are exclusive to the home setting. Once you decide it's time to transition to a birth center or hospital, I will smoothly assume the role of a traditional doula or provide virtual support. It's important to note that


Montrices do not treat or diagnose, deliver your baby, or replace your midwife or OBGYN.

I am committed to making your birthing experience as safe, comfortable, and empowering as possible.


These Montrice services offer an invaluable blend of clinical expertise and emotional support to guide you through this life-changing moment.

Choose Birthing Noire Doula Services, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together. 

Contact us today to discuss how  Montrice services can enhance your childbirth experience.

If you desire to birth in the hospital or birthing center... Want to labor at home for as long as possible...Not sure when to make the call to transition... Then Montrice services is what you are looking for!

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